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SVC Membership Form

Make sure to read the Membership Overview! This will give you important information about what it means to be a member of Student Volunteer Connection.

Student Volunteer Connection (SVC) is very excited about your interest in our Membership! SVC strives to create opportunities for leadership, develop habits of active citizenship and social development, and empower students to enrich their daily lives through civic engagement. SVC provides the Texas State community with educational and social opportunities that brings awareness to diverse and multicultural relationships through acts of service. 

Please carefully read all the statements below.


Being an SVC member requires me time, energy and commitment. By signing this statement, I agree to invest that time, energy, and commitment. I will attend all mandatory events and meets all requirements of SVC members as stated previously in the membership form.


SVC Members will strive towards making a difference in our community and have the opportunity to meet diverse groups of people. I agree to be respectful of my peers and our community.


All SVC members will pay a membership fee, as stated previously in the Membership Form. These payments are a sign of commitment to SVC and will not be refunded. By signing this statement, I understand the SVC non-refundable payment policy and the following payment schedule.

Please contact with questions about paying membership dues.


Please check all the boxes in agreement to the statements above. *