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Monthly Events

What is a Social Issue?

A social issue is described as a problem that influences many people within a society.

Each month, Student Volunteer Connection brings awareness to one social issue impacting our world today. Below are some examples of topics covered during Student Volunteer Connection events.

  • Voter Awareness
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Veteran Support
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Poverty
  • Educational Inequity
  • Access & Accommodations
  • Pollution

Upcoming Events

Date of Event Day of the Week Name of Event Time Location
4/14/2021 Wednesday Ask Student Volunteer Connection 10am-1pm LBJ Mall #1
4/17/2021 Saturday Serve with Student Volunteer Connection 9am-12pm San Marcos Chamber of Commerce
4/20/2021 Tuesday Student Volunteer Connection Meeting 6pm-7pm LBJSC 3-5.1
4/22/2021 Thursday Bobcat Acts of Kindness 5-7pm LBJSC Rm
4/24/2021 Saturday Bobcat Break Takes Hays County TBD Mini Equine 2 U
4/28/2021 Wednesday Ask Student Volunteer Connection 10am-1pm LBJ Mall #1
5/1/2021 Saturday Bobcat Build TBD TBD

Event Descriptions

Student Volunteer Connection Meetings

Two Student Volunteer Connection Meetings are held every month. During these meetings, students will learn about the month's social issue and build community with fellow Bobcats.

Ask Student Volunteer Connection

At this come-and-go event, students can meet our officers, engage in conversation about the month's social issue and learn about upcoming events hosted by Student Volunteer Connection. This event is held two times a month either in Bobcat Trail, the Quad, or the LBJ Mall.

Serve with Student Volunteer Connection

Students will participate in direct service with a community partner in here in San Marcos or surrounding areas. This event is hosted two times per month.

Sunday Post

Each Student Volunteer Connection Sunday Post focuses on bringing awareness to the many complexities of our monthly social issues. Check out our Instagram @txst_svc for more information!